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由不同的活動接觸英語,對人對事的場景練習,倍增生活化,再加上以英語為母語( 英藉 / 美藉 )的活動領袖帶領,更能從中吸收其文化、語調及標準口音,讓你們更容易掌握及提高練習興趣。

而本公司的英語練習,均以活動形式進行,參與的人仕由18個月 ~ 成人均可。


另本中心亦提供英語為母語( 英藉 / 美藉 )導師服務予各辦學團體如 /幼稚園 /幼兒園 /小學 / 及 任何本港機構 。詳情請致電:26644868whatsapp 96464182 與陳小姐聯絡, 


Making International Speaking Sound Appealing is this centres aim, as well as it being a fitting acronym. We provide a learner friendly environment and cater to anybody interested in the English language. We strive to hone your English language regardless of age. Our aim is to equip you with enough language skills for effective daily communication.


The centre is fun and relaxing, providing the perfect atmosphere for you or your children. We are equipped with lots of learning facilities, ranging from toys, board games, books and so on. We think learning through games or association is the best policy, so there is never a dull moment. We provide a range of native English speakers, so the accents and tones make the learning experience all the more authentic.


In addition, we provide native English speakers to all educational organisations such as kindegartens, nurseries, primary schools as well as companies in Hong Kong. For details, please contact Ms. Chan at (Siu Hei Centre) 26644868whatsapp 96464182  .

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